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Weathering I brushes - 3 sizes

Weathering I brushes - 3 sizes

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Scale75 Weathering I Brush Set: Perfect precision for your weathering projects

Increase the quality of your weathering techniques with the "Weathering I" brush set from Scale75. This set is specifically designed for weathering miniatures and offers exceptional quality comparable to natural Kolinsky hair.

Features of the Weathering I Set:

High Quality Tame Synthetic Hair: These synthetic hairs imitate not only the color but also the resilience and liquid absorption of natural hair, ideal for more aggressive dyes, such as alcohol-based.

Versatile Brush Sizes: The set includes sizes #0, #1 and #2 with round bristles, allowing you to apply a range of weathering effects with ease.

Ergonomic Red Wooden Handle: For comfort and control during extended painting sessions.

Each brush in the "Weathering I" set has been carefully formulated to provide a perfect balance between flexibility and strength, allowing you to emphasize the finest details and create realistic weathering effects.

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