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The Army Painter

Plastic Glue

Plastic Glue

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Experience the precision and power of The Army Painter Plastic Glue, an indispensable part of your model kit. This special adhesive, known as polystyrene cement, is packaged in a jar with a precise nozzle, ideal for durably bonding plastic miniatures.


Precise Application: The precision nozzle allows you to apply ultra-small drops of glue without running out, so you don't ruin details on your miniature.

Ideal Viscosity: Specially designed for wargaming models and miniatures, with a thickness perfect for assembling plastic regiments.

Fast and Strong Bond: The adhesive lightly bonds within seconds, without the need for additional adjustments, leading to a fast and strong bond.

Long Lasting Durability : Once dry, the miniature's parts are fused into a strong, durable bond that will last.

With The Army Painter Plastic Glue in your arsenal, you'll improve the speed and precision of your model making, while ensuring a reliable and long-lasting finish.

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