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The Army Painter



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Discover the potential of The Army Painter Green Stuff, an essential tool for every model maker and hobbyist. This original Kneadatite product, better known as Green Stuff, is perfect for converting, filling mold lines and sculpting miniatures.


Flexible Modeling Clay: Contains two strips of yellow and blue Kneadatite, which when mixed form an easy-to-use, slightly more flexible Green Stuff than standard mixtures.

Dimensions and Consistency: Each strip is approximately 4 inches long and 1 inch wide. The mix results in a slightly rubbery consistency, ideal for detailed sculpting.

Fast Drying with Work Time: Cures quickly with a work period of 20-30 minutes, and dries completely within 8 hours.

Versatile Use: Great for adding extra pieces or hiding mold lines on your miniatures. Can be used with super glue to bond larger components.

Convenient to Use: For best results, keep hands or sculpting tools wet with water to prevent sticking. Wear safety goggles and wash hands thoroughly after use.

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