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The Army Painter

6x Empty Paint Bottles - 12ml

6x Empty Paint Bottles - 12ml

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6x Empty Paint Bottles - 12ml

This set consists of six empty 12 ml dropper bottles, ideal for storing and mixing your custom paint mixtures.


Custom Mixes: These 12ml bottles are specially designed to personalize your paint by mixing different colors.

Convenient Labels: The bottles come with clear labels so you can see your new custom paint color. There is also room on the label to make notes about the mixed paint.

Perfect Size: With a capacity of 12ml, these bottles are slightly smaller than the standard 18ml bottles of other miniature paint lines, but still provide enough space for the custom mixtures. They also perfectly match the contents of Games Workshop paint pots for transferring paint.

Stylish and Practical: The labels of the bottles have a recess through which you can check the color of the paint. Enough empty space to write down your mix, without having to buy separate labels.

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