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Scalecolor Adriatic Blue - 17ml

Scalecolor Adriatic Blue - 17ml

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Scale color - Adriatic Blue - SC-15
Acrylic paint for brush and airbrush

Bring your miniatures to life with the Scalecolor series from Scale75. Each bottle in this series is an example of quality and precision, designed to... to take painting to a higher level.

High Quality Pigmentation: Scalecolor paints are highly pigmented, which provides vibrant and deep colors. This rich pigmentation makes even the subtlest details of your miniatures visible and gives unparalleled depth to your work.

Unique Matte Finish: The paint is known for its beautiful, ultra-matte finish. This feature makes Scalecolor ideal for creating realistic and natural looks, giving your miniatures a professional appearance.

Easy-to-use Dropper Bottles: Each color comes in a handy dropper bottle that ensures accurate dosing and preservation of the paint. These bottles prevent drying and waste, and make mixing colors easy and efficient.

Versatility and Durability: Whether you are a beginner or an experienced painter, these paints are suitable for all kinds of techniques, from layer building to glazing. Once applied, the paints dry to form a durable film that can withstand wear and tear.

Color consistency: Every time you open a Scalecolor paint, you can count on consistent color and quality, making your projects successful every time.

Choose Scalecolor for your miniature painting projects and experience the perfect combination of color quality and ease of use.

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Customer Reviews

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E B.
Goede verf, slechte afdichting

De verf is een mooie kleur en dekt goed.
Ik raad wel aan om er mix kogels in te doen. De verf moet goed geschud zijn voor gebruik, en de kogels maakt dat een stuk makkelijker.

Het enigste wat me tegenvalt is dat de dop het flesje niet altijd goed afdicht.
Als ik het flesje licht in knijpt met de dop er volledig opgedraaid, dan **** je lucht uit het flesje komen.

Ik heb 6 kleuren aangeschaft, 2 hiervan hebben dit probleem.