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Size 2/0 - Kolinsky hair

Size 2/0 - Kolinsky hair

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Redgrass Brushes Size 2/0: Precision and finesse for your miniatures

Discover sublime precision with the Redgrass Brushes Size 2/0, carefully designed by Redgrassgames for fine miniature painting. These brushes have an exceptionally fine point and large belly, made from the finest Kolinsky hair, and are ideal for the most detailed painting work.

Features of the Redgrass Brushes Size 2/0:

Extremely Precise: Perfect for painting eyes, small details and more, where every stroke counts.

Needle-like Shape: Effortlessly achieves sharp and fine lines, essential for detailed work.

Tapered Point: Provides excellent control for precise paint application.

High-quality Kolinsky hair: Guarantees durability and consistent paint absorption.

The Redgrass Brushes Size 2/0 are your ideal choice for maximum precision in miniature painting.

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