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Painter Lite – 50 sheets & 2 foams

Painter Lite – 50 sheets & 2 foams

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Everlasting Wet-Palette PAINTER Lite: Your Essential Tool for Miniature Painting

Discover the efficiency of the Everlasting Wet-Palette PAINTER Lite, the ideal choice for miniature painters. With a compact size of 15x20 cm, this palette is perfect for both small and medium painting stations and easy to transport.

Package Contents :

  • 1 Everlasting Wet Palette PAINTER Lite
  • 50 Hydration Paper Sheets
  • 2 Hydration foam pads
  • 1 Handy belt strap

With the Everlasting Wet-Palette you maintain the quality of your acrylic paint, save time and perfect your painting techniques. The palette is designed for easy use and helps you master your advanced painting techniques. The multifunctional lid also serves as an extra palette, allowing you to expand your workspace.

Unique Benefits :

  • Prevents paint from drying out
  • Supports stop-start painting sessions
  • Mildew resistant and durable design
  • Perfect for performing advanced techniques
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