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The Army Painter

Leather Brown - Color Primer

Leather Brown - Color Primer

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The Army Painter Leather Brown - Color Primer

This isn't just any black paint; it is a precision primer specially designed to bring your miniature masterpieces to life with accuracy and finesse.


Exceptional Coverage: Our Leather Brown - Color Primer provides a deep, matte brown base that provides excellent coverage for all your miniatures. This brings out the details beautifully.

Optimal Adhesion: This primer adheres perfectly to the surface of your miniatures, allowing your paint to be applied evenly and without problems.

Improved Painting Results: With this high-quality primer you will achieve smooth paint applications, sharp lines and impressive contrasts on your miniatures.

Versatility: Matt Black is a classic choice that can serve as the basis for many painting projects, from dark armies to shining heroes.

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