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Kolinsky Tajmir N. 0

Kolinsky Tajmir N. 0

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Scale75 Kolinsky Taymir n. 0 Brush: Your precision tool for miniature painting

Meet the Kolinsky Taymir n. 0 from Scale75, is made from high-quality Kolinsky hair, sourced from the Siberian weasel. The Kolinsky's hair is known for its fine structure and resilience, making it ideal for applying paint with extreme precision.

Properties of the Kolinsky Taymir n. 0:

Superior Kolinsky Hair: Provides excellent tip and great dye holding power.

Perfect for Fine Details: Ideal for painting small details such as eyes, hairlines and other minute aspects of your miniatures.

Ergonomic and Durable: Designed for comfort and longevity, even when using more aggressive paints.

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