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Kolinsky Sable 1

Kolinsky Sable 1

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Scale75 Kolinsky Sable Brush Size 1: Perfection in detail

The Scale75 Kolinsky Sable Brush size 1 is an essential tool for the sophisticated miniature painter, now available from Mini Marvels. With a diameter of 1.43mm and a length of 10mm, this brush is ideal for adding fine details to your miniatures.

Features of the Kolinsky Sable Brush Size 1:

Kolinsky Sable Hair: Made from the highest quality Kolinsky hair for unparalleled precision and smooth paint application.

Ideal for Details: The size 1 of this brush is perfect for painting complex details, such as eyes or small decorative elements.

Ergonomic Design: The brush fits comfortably in the hand, contributing to a stable and controlled painting experience.

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