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Kolinsky Sable 0

Kolinsky Sable 0

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Scale75 Kolinsky Sable Brush Size 0: Your precision tool for fine details

Meet the Kolinsky Sable Brush size 0 from Scale75. This brush, with a diameter of 0.95mm and a length of 8mm, is your ultimate tool for painting the most detailed aspects of your miniatures.

Why choose the Kolinsky Sable Brush Size 0:

Superior Quality: Made from the finest Kolinsky bristles, known for their resilience and ability to hold paint evenly.

Perfect for Detail Work: With its fine point, this brush is ideal for accurately applying small details such as eyes or fine lines.

Ergonomic Design: The blue wooden handle provides a comfortable and stable grip even during long painting sessions.

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Customer Reviews

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Bernard v.W.d.J.
another great brush of Scale75

Again I am amazed by the quality of this brush.
Becomes a favourite very quick.