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Two Thin Coats

Hellspawn Red - 15ml

Hellspawn Red - 15ml

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Two Thin Coats Acrylic Paint - Hellspawn Red - DRTTC10100
For brush and airbrush

Bring the magic of color to you miniatures with the Two Thin Coats acrylic paint line from Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy. Designed in collaboration with leading chemists, this paint guarantees top quality and innovation in every drop.

Rich Pigmentation for Excellent Coverage: Two Thin Coats paint is highly pigmented, which provides excellent coverage. The paint dries smooth and matte, which you... gives miniatures a professional finish.

Ideal for Thin Layers: This paint is specially designed to be applied in thin layers. The slightly longer drying process than other paints is ideal for techniques such as wet-on-wet painting.

Extensive Color Palette: With 120 unique colours, including 6 washes, 6 metallics, and a range of acrylic colours, Two Thin Coats offers an unparalleled choice for your projects. The colors are organized into triads of shadow, midtone and highlight for each color, making mixing and matching colors easy.

User-friendly Packaging with Agitator Ball: Each 15ml dropper bottle comes with a built-in agitator ball, which simplifies shaking the paint before use and ensures an even consistency.

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