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GaleForce Nine

Plastic Glue

Plastic Glue

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GF9 Plastic Glue 20ml - For Durable Miniature Assembly

At Mini Marvels we understand the need for precision and quality when putting together miniature figures. That's why we propose GF9 Plastic Glue 20ml.


Strong and Reliable Bond: Our Plastic Glue is specially designed to provide a strong and durable bond for plastic miniatures. This keeps your creations sturdy and intact, even during intense play sessions.

Precise Application: The fine needle applicator allows you to accurately apply the glue in the right places, even on the most delicate details. This minimizes waste and ensures a neat finish.

Fast Curing: Our Plastic Glue dries quickly, giving you less wait time and more time to paint and play.

Generous 20ml Size: With a generous amount of glue in each 20ml bottle, you'll be ready for countless projects before you need refills.

Safe and Trusted: GF9 Plastic Glue is safe to use and has proven to be a reliable adhesive for hobbyists and gamers worldwide.

With GF9 Plastic Glue 20ml you are assured of a high-quality adhesive solution for assembling your miniature creations.

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