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GaleForce Nine



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Gale Force Nine Green Stuff - 100gr: Your All-round Modeling Tool

This versatile modeling material is a must-have for hobbyists, modelers and miniature painters looking for a reliable and flexible product to take their projects to the next level.

Most important features:

Flexible and Easy to Shape: Green Stuff is a malleable modeling material that is easy to shape and manipulate. This allows you to make complex details, textures and adjustments to your thumbnails.

Excellent Adhesion: This material has excellent adhesion to plastic, metal and even other materials, allowing you to create a solid and durable connection.

Dries Hard and Tough: Once cured, Green Stuff becomes hard and firm, helping your sculptures and customizations to be preserved and resistant to wear and tear.

Versatility: Use Green Stuff to create custom miniatures, repair damaged models, sculpt bases, and more.

Generous 100gr Quantity: With 100 grams of Green Stuff in each pack, you have enough material to work on multiple projects before needing to refill.

Whether you want to make new creations, restore old miniatures or simply let your imagination run wild, Gale Force Nine Green Stuff - 100gr is your reliable partner.

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