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Fantasy & Games Sharpnel Red - 17ml

Fantasy & Games Sharpnel Red - 17ml

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Fantasy & Games - Sharpnel Red - SFG-36
Acrylic paint for brush and airbrush

Let your fantasy figures and game miniatures shine with the Fantasy & Games series from Scale75. Each bottle in this range reflects the commitment to quality and innovation, ideal for bringing your fantasy creations to life.

Gorgeous Vibrant Colors: The Fantasy & Games paints are known for their bright and vibrant colors. This strong pigmentation ensures that your miniatures stand out with dazzling details and a vibrant appearance.

Satin Finish: This line of paints offers a unique satin finish, adding a subtle sheen to your miniatures. This finish enhances the visual impact of the colors and brings the details of your work to life.

Easy-to-use Dropper Bottles: Just like Scalecolor, Fantasy & Games also comes in practical dropper bottles. These ensure accurate dosing and retention of the paint, and make it easy to mix and dilute colors as desired.

Versatility in Application: These paints are suitable for a wide range of painting techniques. They work well with both brushes and airbrushes, making them an excellent choice for hobbyists and professional painters alike.

Color consistency: The Fantasy & Games paint line guarantees consistent quality and color with every opening. Whether you're applying basic colors or working out complex details, this line of paints provides reliable results for all your projects.

With Fantasy & Games from Scale75 you not only add color to your miniatures, but also bring them to life with an unprecedented level of vibrancy and detail.

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