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Highlands Miniatures

Orcs - Borgok Skullcrusher

Orcs - Borgok Skullcrusher

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Borgok Skullcrusher from Highlands Miniatures

This set contains 1 miniature

This miniature comes without base. It is perfect for a 25mm square base or a 32mm round base.

Meet our impressive Orcs, perfect for bringing your tabletop and fantasy games to life. These detailed figures, scaled to 32mm, are excellent proxies for well-known tabletop games and a fantastic addition to any fantasy setting.

Availability and Delivery:

If an Orc miniature is out of stock, fear not! We are happy to print it on request.

Need a different scale? Contact us and/or leave a comment with your order (at checkout). A lot of 28mm is currently being requested for The Old World. There is no additional charge for this, but there is a longer (print on demand) delivery time.

Please allow 5-7 working days for delivery for print-on-demand products as we take extra time to ensure the quality you expect from us.

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