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Terrains Wet Ground - 250ml

Terrains Wet Ground - 250ml

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AK interactive Terrains Wet Ground - Diorama Series - 250ml - AK8016

Bring the rugged and untouched character of dry landscapes to your dioramas with AK interactive Terrains Dry Ground, a specially developed acrylic texture ideal for simulating dry ground or arid natural surfaces.


Faithful Dry Ground Texture : This acrylic texture has the perfect color and consistency to mimic any kind of dry ground or arid surfaces, adding to the realism of your dioramas.

High Quality for Extreme Realism : This high-quality acrylic product has been specially developed for extreme realism, allowing you to create a convincing dry ground structure in your models.

Versatile Application : The product can be applied in both thin and thick layers, ensuring perfect results regardless of your specific needs or the details of your project.

Easily Adjustable : For added effect, wheel or track prints can be pressed into the texture before drying, creating the illusion of ground traveled by vehicles or animals.

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