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Terrains Beach Sand - 250ml

Terrains Beach Sand - 250ml

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AK interactive Terrains Beach Sand - Diorama Series - 250ml - AK8019

Bring the atmosphere of sun-drenched beaches to your dioramas with AK interactive Terrains Beach Sand, a fine and flat texture specially developed to simulate beach areas.


Authentic Beach Sand Texture: With its fine and flat structure, this acrylic texture is ideal for recreating beach areas, giving your dioramas an authentic and convincing beach feel.

Exceptional Realism: This high-quality acrylic product has been specially developed for extreme realism, allowing you to create a convincing beach sand texture in your models.

Versatile Application: The product delivers perfect results in both thin and thick layers, giving you complete control over the texture and appearance of the beach sand in your dioramas.

Easily Adaptable: It can be diluted with water or an acrylic thinner to improve fluidity, making it easier to apply and more versatile in use.

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