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Terrains Asphalt - 250ml

Terrains Asphalt - 250ml

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AK interactive Terrains Asphalt - Diorama Series - 250ml - AK8013

Create realistic roads and urban landscapes in your dioramas with AK interactive Terrains Asphalt, a high-quality acrylic texture specially developed to imitate asphalt. This texture, with a black/gray tint similar to that of roads, highways or any asphalt covered surface, is ideal for adding realistic detail to urban scenes or roads in your model building projects.


Realistic Asphalt Texture: This acrylic texture has a true-to-scale black/gray shade that is perfect for simulating roads, highways and other asphalt surfaces, giving your dioramas an authentic and convincing urban feel.

Exceptional Realism: Engineered for extreme realism, this product ensures accurate rendering of asphalt textures, essential for creating lifelike urban and road environments in your models.

Flexible Application: The product delivers perfect results in both thin and thick layers, giving you full control over the texture and appearance of the asphalt in your dioramas.

Dilutable for Improved Flowability: If desired, the product can be diluted with water or an acrylic thinner to improve flowability, making application easier and more versatile.

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