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Still Water - 250ml

Still Water - 250ml

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AK interactive Still Water - Diorama Series - 250ml - AK8008

Discover the clarity and versatility of AK interactive Still Water, an essential element for your diorama creation. This specialized, crystal clear product is perfect for simulating still water in your miniatures and landscapes.


Realistic Water Rendering: This formula is designed to replicate the effect of clear, still water, giving your dioramas and vignettes a lifelike appearance.

Self-Leveling Convenience: Still Water flows smoothly over uneven surfaces, making it perfect for a variety of landscapes. The self-levelling properties provide a smooth finish without extra effort.

Controlled Application: The consistency of the product allows it to be applied in thin layers of up to 3mm, contributing to accurate depth rendering and preventing overuse.

Versatile Deep Construction: For deeper water bodies, you can apply multiple layers, giving you complete control over the depth and appearance of the water surface.

Large Size for Projects: With a capacity of 250 ml, this pack is ideal for both small and large projects, giving you enough material to create extensive water landscapes.

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