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Moss Texture - 100ml

Moss Texture - 100ml

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AK interactive Moss Texture - Diorama Series - 100ml - AK8038

Add a natural and realistic moss texture to your dioramas and vignettes with AK interactive Moss Texture. This specially formulated product is ideal for simulating moss as seen in woodlands, damp areas, on abandoned vehicles and more. It can also be used for making trees, making it a versatile addition to any model making environment.


Natural Moss Texture: The colored foam texture is perfect for mimicking the look and texture of natural moss, giving your dioramas an authentic and vibrant forest or damp area effect.

Versatile Applications: This product is not only suitable for applying moss, but can also be used to create trees, adding to its versatility and usability in various diorama and vignette themes.

Easy to Use: The foam texture makes it easy to apply and model, providing a user-friendly experience, suitable for both beginners and experienced modelers.

Ideal for Various Scenes: Whether you want to recreate a wooded landscape, a humid environment or an abandoned vehicle scene, this product provides the perfect texture for realistic rendering.

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