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Light Rust Wash - 35ml

Light Rust Wash - 35ml

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AK interactive Light Rust Wash - AK Weathering Products - 35ml - AK046

Add realistic rust effects to your model vehicles and dioramas with AK interactive Light Rust Wash. This 35 ml enamel paint from the AK Weathering Products line has been specially developed for simulating light rust effects on various surfaces. It is perfect for applying rust effects to vehicles or accessories. The paint has a slightly rusty color that stands out particularly well on dark green surfaces, resulting in a realistic matte finish.


Realistic Light Rust Effects: This enamel paint is formulated to create light rust effects on a variety of surfaces, ideal for adding an authentic touch to your model vehicles or accessories.

High Quality Model Building Paint: As part of the AK Weathering Products line, this paint is high quality and specially designed for model making, so you get the best possible results in your projects.

Easy to Apply: Light Rust Wash is easy to apply and delivers a realistic matte finish, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced modelers.

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