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AK interactive

Extruded Foam - A4 - 40mm

Extruded Foam - A4 - 40mm

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AK interactive - Extruded Foam - A4 - 40mm - AK8099

Bring versatility and precision to your diorama or vignette construction with the AK interactive Extruded Foam. This set consists of foam boards with an A4 format and a thickness of 40 mm, perfect for creating the base of your dioramas or vignettes. This extruded foam is ideal for model makers who need a sturdy and adaptable surface for their creations.


Ideal for Dioramas and Vignettes: These A4 size extruded foam sheets are specially designed for building dioramas and vignettes, providing a sturdy base for your creations.

High Thickness for Durability: At 40mm thick, this foam provides excellent strength, which is essential for building durable and realistic model scenes.

Easy to Adjust: The surface and overall shape of the foam can be easily adjusted to your needs, although it is not particularly suitable for cutting out detailed shapes.

Convenient Size: The A4 size of the foam makes it convenient and easy to handle, eliminating the need to work and store extra large pieces.

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