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Construction Gray Foam - 2x A4 - 10mm

Construction Gray Foam - 2x A4 - 10mm

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AK interactive Construction Gray Foam - 295x195x10mm - 2x - AK8097

Bring versatility and creativity to your diorama or vignette construction with the AK interactive Construction Gray Foam. These gray foam boards, with a size of 295 x 195 mm and a thickness of 10 mm, are ideal for creating various structural elements such as walls, buildings, ruins, paving stones and other types of paving. The foam plates provide an excellent basis for various model building projects.


Versatile in Use: This black styrofoam is suitable for creating various structural elements in dioramas or vignettes, such as walls, buildings, ruins and paving stones.

Easy to Work: The foam can be easily cut into the desired shape using a knife or cutter, making it customizable to your specific project needs.

Can be glued with PVA Glue: For sturdy constructions, the foam can be glued with PVA glue, which contributes to the durability of your creations.

Surface Editing: You can cut or edit the surface of the foam for extra texture or detail, adding to the realistic look of your model making projects.

High Density Foam: The foam boards are made of high-quality, high-density foam, which ensures strength and durability.

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