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Acrylic Thinner - 60ml - Thinner

Acrylic Thinner - 60ml - Thinner

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Scale75 Acrylic Thinner: Optimized for Health and Environment

Enrich your airbrushing experience with the Acrylic Thinner from Scale75. This updated thinner is alcohol-free and non-flammable, making it both safe and environmentally friendly. It is specially designed to ensure excellent fluidity of airbrush paint, without negative consequences for your health or the environment.

Features of the Acrylic Thinner:

New Composition: Alcohol-free and non-flammable, for safer use.

Excellent Fluidity: Improves the flow of paint in the airbrush, ideal for fine and even applications.

Health and Environmentally Friendly: Designed with your well-being and the conservation of the environment in mind.

The Scale75 Acrylic Thinner is your ideal choice for a healthy and effective way of airbrushing.

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